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Should I form a Charitable Organization?

It takes a heart of gold to want to start a charity and I give alot of kudos to anyone who is that giving and committed to anything.  If you are reading this, you are probably already thinking about fundraising ideas and how great it will be for your cause to be recognized and supported.   Great!  I commend you...but, I would encourage anyone looking to form a 501(c)3 to read on before you do so....


It may be......right now the two biggest online fantasy companies, Fan Duel and Draft Kings, are under seige by the NY courts as prosecutors liken participation in fantasy leagues as "games of chance" and a defacto "lottery."   Organizers of fantasy pools such as Fan Duel and Draft Kings argue that their their games are "skilled based" and not at all gambling of the chance sort.  The IRS has long considered gambling winnings reportable, as it does any income whatsoever, regardless of the legality of the activity.  No big surprise that federal and state interests would arise in this arena, b

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